Products and Services

We are committed to making sure that the packaging products you receive from us are tailored to your business.

We can create sample packages to ensure the product performs to your desire and conforms with specific industry standards. Whether you are sending products directly to customers, or moving goods as a distributor, we have the packaging solutions to meet your needs.

Our approach to packaging and equipment is holistic and customer-first, and we want to confirm that every part of the packaging process is working seamlessly. We will conduct trial runs on your equipment to ensure your packaging materials and equipment are working in harmony.

Inventory & Supply Chain Solutions

Package Design and Supply offers inventory management and supply chain solutions to ensure you always have the right material (when you need it) to keep your operations running smoothly.

With our extensive experience and product expertise, we can provide the packaging products you need and make sure you are never out of the materials you need to keep your goods flowing smoothly to customers.

We’ll work with you to create custom inventory and supply chain solutions that make sense for your operation and sales patterns. We handle your inventory of packaging products as our own and will always work with you to find solutions to keep operations smooth and profitable.

You’ll never be left waiting or be in a bind if you run low on your packaging materials before your next order is scheduled.

Think Outside the Box

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Supplying any quantity – 1 to a Truckload

  • Shipping Boxes Bulk Boxes
  • U.N. Packaging
  • 1 Piece Folders
  • 5 Panel Folders
  • Trays
  • Displays
  • Export Cartons
  • Singlewall / Doublewall / Triplewall



Corrugated Paper/ Wood/ Plastic

  • Grade A 
  • Grade B  
  • Export Grade Heat Treated 


Shipping Supplies

  • Shrink Film 
  • Stretch Wrap  
  • Desiccant Bubble 
  • Can Liners 
  • Bags – Poly, Plain 
  • Returnable Reusable Packaging Die Cut Inserts 
  • Paper Tubes 
  • Tapes / Dispensers Labels 
  • Loose Fill Pak 
  • Kraft paper 
  • Mailers – Foam & Bubble 
  • Specialty Cases 
  • Corner Board 
  • Chipboard 
  • Strapping – Plastic & Steel 


Interior Cushioning

  • Fabricating 
  • Honeycomb 
  • Automatic Dunnage Machines 
  • Die Cut Corrugated  
  • Foam In Place 
  • Kraft Paper 



  • Polyethylene Foam  
  • Urethane (EPS) 
  • Polyester Foam  
  • Polystyrene