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25+ years of shaping products and branding stories:
The Package Design & Supply legacy.

Package Design & Supply (PDS) was founded in Buffalo, New York by Keith and Christine Freeland with the aim of creating a packaging company that prioritized customer satisfaction and employee well-beingKeith’s prior experience in the packaging industry helped him to identify the gaps and shortcomings in the industry that he wanted to address through his own business.

In the early days, the company operated with only a few pieces of machinery, a small team, and a box truck. Despite these humble beginnings, Keith and Christine were determined to turn their vision into a reality. They believed in their ideas, and no matter how daunting they seemed, they were committed to making their company a success.

Keith had a unique philosophy that distinguished PDS from other packaging companies: he prioritized customer needs over profits. He believed that the key to success was in understanding and solving customer problems, not just selling boxes. This philosophy became the cornerstone of PDS and still holds true today. 

Over the years, PDS grew into a thriving business with locations in Buffalo, Rochester, and Dunkirk, which were strategically placed to meet the needs of customers across Western New York and beyond. As the company entered its 25th year in business, the world was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, PDS was an essential business, and its employees stepped up to the plate to ensure that the company manufactured the necessary products to support manufacturing and medical companies. 

Sadly, as the world got closer to finding a cure for the virus, Covid-19 claimed the lives of PDS’s purchasing manager, Mike Bonesky, and the company’s founder, Keith Freeland, in December 2020. However, Keith’s children, Jeff and Julie, returned to Buffalo to take over the company and continue their father’s legacy. In August of 2021, the company was sold to Fairchild Capital Partners, a Buffalo-based private equity firm led by Ryan Martin. With their leadership, the company has received significant capital to fuel its growth and expansion efforts.  

After the sale of the business, Jeff returned to Washington D.C. to continue his career on Capitol Hill, while Julie remained with the company as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Today, PDS remains committed to putting people first, from employees to customers, and continues to innovate and find new solutions to meet the needs of its customers. 

Company Vision

Working together as a team, where every piece matters, we will remain the preferred Packaging Distributor in the Western, NY market. By keeping our Customers First, and providing them with the best Safety, Quality, OTIF, Innovation, and Value-Added Services, we will create virtuous cycles of mutual benefit, resulting in profitable returns for years to come. 

Meet the Team

Earl Wright


Julie Freeland

VP of Sales & Marketing

Daniel Palka

Chief Financial Officer

Gary Ross

Sr. Territory Manager

Sam Guercio

Sales Representative

Karyn Reid

Sr. Accountant

Kasia Pancerz

Customer Service Manager

Trish Woloszyn

Customer Service Rep

John Pawlowski

Director of Procurement

Brian Gollwitzer

Purchasing Manager

Greg Crittenden

Production Manager

Al Struski

Quality Manager

Doug Lounsbury

Logistics Manager

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